Our Preschool

Preschool Telephone : (08) 8289 3915
Email : dl.0533_info@schools.sa.edu.au 

What is a Preschool?

Preschool provides education for children aged from three years and eight months to five and a half years of age. For many children it is not only their first introduction to formal education but it is also their first step towards independence.
We recognise that the parents are a child’s primary educators, and our aim is to form strong relationships with children and their families. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s experiences at Wynn Vale Preschool. Parents and staff work together to ensure that the transition between home and Preschool is as smooth as possible. Communication between parents and staff, such as informal chats, newsletters, parent information displays and telephone calls, enables us to provide a high quality, individualised programme for each child.

Our Programme

As Early Childhood Educators, we are committed to providing quality learning programmes that support and stimulate children’s growth and development. Our Programme is based on the child’s developmental needs which are observed and catered for through a variety of learning experiences. There is a balance between spontaneous play and guided activities. We use the “The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia” curriculum document, also known as Belonging, Being and Becoming, as a basis for planning our teaching and learning programmes.
The five Learning Outcomes are:

«  Children have a strong sense of identity
«  Children are connected with and contribute to their world
«  Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
«  Children are confident and involved learners
«  Children are effective communicators

In 2015, Wynn Vale Preschool was rated as Exceeding National Quality Standard by the Education and Early Childhood Services Registration and Standards Board of South Australia.

About Play

Play is an essential aspect of learning for young children - it is their work. It is the process that is important, not the end product. Play is seen as the central component in developing a curriculum that integrates all areas of a child’s development.
Through their play, children:

«  Are intrinsically motivated
«  Are involved in active learning
«  Make sense of their world and learn about themselves
«  Construct, test and apply their own understandings
«  Engage in creative, hands-on experiences where they practise and consolidate what they have learnt
«  Express their thoughts and feelings
«  Develop decision making and problem solving skills
«  Develop friendships and have fun

Our Aims

We aim to foster in children:

«  A positive self-concept
«  Curiosity and a sense of wonder
«  A love of learning
«  Independence and responsibility
«  The ability to cooperate and share with others
«  Respect for self and others
«  A sense of equity and fairness
«  Effective communication
«  Creativity
«  Negotiation and problem solving strategies
«  Confidence
«  Self-motivation
«  Self-regulation


$440.00 / year - Invoices are given out at the beginning of the year. Parents can choose to pay the total amount or in three installments - $150 (Term1), $145 (Term 2) and $145 (Term 3). Money can be put in a clearly marked envelope and placed in the locked money box near the educators’ office. Credit card payments are accepted and payment slips are located below the money box. EFTPOS facilities are available each morning or afternoon


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